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Why NeuroSoft TMS?

We know a thing or two about TMS. We manufactured our first unit in 1996 and are now in 35 countries and 1500 units strong, and growing..

Tecnical specifications

Get up to speed quickly using intuitive software controls of your NeuroSoftTMS device. Adjust coil placement, enter patient information, select your protocol, and click the Play button to start treatment.

Coolant liquid runs directly through hollow coil wires to eliminate heat where it builds.

In this design less liquid is used to cool the coil keeping it lightweight and easy to manipulate.

Our coils are liquid cooled and device sounds are minimized to ensure maximum patient and technician comfort during treatment.

Technicians get up to speed quickly using our intuitive Windows based software controls, allowing you to stay focused on the patient and not buttonology.

Features & specifications

Here are just a few of the reasions you’ll love NeuroSoft TMS.

  • Small footprint

    No need to reserve an entire room for our device. Our modularly designed units will fit in the backseat.

  • Friendly software

    Our smart Windows 10 based software with built in FDA cleared protocols makes it easier to keep your focus where it belongs: on the patient.

  • Efficient cooling

    Our liquid cooling technology is built into the device's coil shell itself to keep your TMS device running cool and enabling long continuous use times.

  • Cost effective

    Our TMS machine cost $47,000 making it the most cost effective solution on the market without sacrificing quality, performance, or reliability.

  • Complete solution

    We wouldn't leave you hanging. Our device comes with everything you need to get started with your rTMS practice, including training, the handheld cooled coil, laptop, and cart.

  • Ease of use

    Simply set frequency, time on, time off, and session duration, position the coil, then click the Play button. It's that simple. Train your techs to use the TMS device in less time than you thought possible.

  • Patient records

    Easily keep track of each individual patient's treatment using our point and click software and easy patient management software.

  • Intelligent reporting

    Need that patient report? It's just a click away with our Windows based point and click reporting software.

  • Clinically proven

    Clinical studies have clearly demonstrated that TMS Therapy can help achieve remission for patients living with severe depression. Our device has treated tens of thousands of patients worldwide.


The Soft TMS Approach

Our TMS stimulators come with the best cooling technology on the market keeping our coils cool even during long continuous use times.

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Cost effective treatment

Our sales are direct to customer so we don't have to maintain a costly salesforce like the competition. We pass the cost savings onto you.

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Clinically proven video

Explore exciting new research with Dr. Jonathan Downar during his lecture at the Toronto Western Hostpital site of UHN.

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