The TMS Machine

Priced at $47,000 NeuroSoftTMS is the most affordable option on the market.

Lease for just $900/month

Lease to own your TMS device for as low as $900/month. Hands on courses included.

Make overheating a thing of the past

Advanced cooling technology enables long continuous use times without having to worry about overheating.

Quiet & Comfortable

Designed to run quiet with a curved stimulator coil.

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Superior Ease of Use

Simply set frequency, time on, time off, session duration, and press Play to start treatment or Pause to make adjustments.

Modular & Portable

Built with a modular design to ensure maximum uptime and portability.

Powerful Theta Burst operation

Plug in the included Windows 10 Laptop through the USB connector to enable higher frequency therapies such as Theta Burst stimulation.

All in one solution for rTMS

Advanced therapeutic configuration of our NeuroSoft TMS device covers all clinical needs of rTMS practitioners. Including the control unit, cooling unit, extra power supply, trolley, figure eight stimulator with articulating arm for easy positioning, and laptop.

Theta burst capable

Shorten patient treatment time using high theta burst frequencies. With its reduced treatment time of just 6 minutes, theta burst depression treatment allows for a higher throughput of patients compared to what is possible with the standard rTMS protocol of 37 minutes.

Neuro-MS.NET software

The Neuro-MS.NET software allows customization of any stimulation templates and keeps patient database, detects motor response threshold and controls the stimulation courses and sessions. You can perform the stimulation according to already specified templates and also create new ones to your specifications.

Up to 10,000 pulses generated per session

The cooling unit and cooled figure eight coil are included in the delivery set of NeuroSoftTMS device to avoid overheating of coils during long treatment sessions. The unit's cooling capabilities allow increasing continuous operation of the TMS device for up to 10,000 pulses without overheating.


The Soft TMS Approach

Our TMS stimulators come with the best cooling technology on the market keeping our coils cool even during long continuous use times.

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Affordable TMS Therapy

Our sales are direct to customer so we don't have to maintain a costly salesforce like the competition. We pass the cost savings onto you.

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Clinically proven

Explore exciting new research with Dr. Jonathan Downar during his lecture at the Toronto Western Hostpital site of UHN.

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