The TMS Machine

Known around the globe for their ease of use & reliability our TMS devices start at $45,000, making them the most affordable option on the market

Advanced set for rTMS

Advanced therapeutic configuration of NeuroSoft TMS covers all clinical needs of rTMS practitioners. Convenient system on a trolley includes high frequency and high intensity stimulator with effective cooling system and convenient flexible arm for coil positioning.

20 Hz stimulation with 100% intensity

With specially designed coils and cooling liquid, the NeuroSoft TMS stimulator has the most effective cooling system on the market so you can forget about overheating issues. This makes it possible to deliver 20Hz stimulation pulses at 100% maximum output intensity for extended use times.

Neuro-MS.NET software

The Neuro-MS.NET software allows customization of any stimulation templates and keeps patient database, detects motor response threshold and controls the stimulation courses and sessions. You can perform the stimulation according to already specified templates and also create own ones or edit the preset stimulation programs. The preset templates include: FDA indicated for Major Depressive Disorder.

Up to 10,000 pulses generated per session

The cooling unit and cooled coils are included in the delivery set of NeuroSoft TMS to avoid overheating of coils during the long treatment session. The cooling unit itself is a tank with the cooling liquid, the pump running the cooling liquid through the coil and the fridge. The unit allows increasing continuous operation up to 10,000 pulses without overheating. Practically, it means that stimulator can operate for hours without overheating.


The Soft TMS Approach

Our TMS stimulators come with the best cooling technology on the market keeping our coils cool even during long continuous use times.

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Cost effective treatment

Our sales are direct to customer so we don't have to maintain a costly salesforce like the competition. We pass the cost savings onto you!

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Clinically proven

Explore exciting new research with Dr. Jonathan Downar during his lecture at the Toronto Western Hostpital site of UHN.

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